New Firmware Release: Rev04.004

It’s been a little while since our last release and we’ve had lots of contributions since then. We’ve wrapped them all up in this mega-firmware, which also comes with some fancy new features!

The release comprises a record 56 patches. Contributions from the FAUST project means we have lots of great Guitarix effects. There are also many updates to previously released patches: check out the re-vamped Ring Modulator, and new additions such as the Moog Drive, Digital Mayhem, Reverse Reverb and Psyche Filter.

The full list of patches is listed on the wiki. It includes numbers showing the approximate number of ARM CPU cycles per sample, and the memory used by each patch. This gives an indication of what patches are likely to run well in parallel or series.

The total number of cycles per sample shouldn’t exceed 3500, and the total number of bytes available is 1Mb (which is precisely 1048576 bytes).

These two bits of information can now be gleaned at runtime from the device by clicking ‘Device Info’ in the OwlNest. Along with the firmware version it will show two numbers, e.g.: “OWL Rev04-004 (1661 | 67320)”.

OwlNest Rev04.004 Screenshot

In my case, this shows that the currently active patch, DroneBox, is using slightly less than half of the available 3500 cycles. If the mode is set to parallel or series, then this will indicate the total time (in cycles) for both patches. The memory always shows the total for both the red and green slots. With DroneBox and FreeVerb selected, I’m using 65Kb of RAM.

To get the latest version, simply spark up the OwlNest, go to Tools / Download Firmware From Server and select Rev04-004. Or get it from GitHub.

There’s a couple more new features, which we will tell you more about tomorrow when we release binaries of the updated OwlNest!

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