OwlNest Rev04.004b

We’re pleased to present Rev04.004b of the OwlNest, with updates to support new features in the latest OWL firmware. The new release is available for download from GitHub.

Remote Control

You can now switch the OWL pedal into remote control mode from the OwlNest. This lets you change parameter values by sending MIDI Control Change messages to the device. The MIDI messages can come from any DAW, another MIDI device, or even a web browser using the new Web MIDI API.

The new OwlNest has a button to enable Remote Control on the device. When set, this also enables the GUI knobs, letting you control the OWL directly from the OwlNest.

OwlNest Screenshot Remote Control

The parameters are mapped out to MIDI CC values 20 to 24, representing knobs A, B, C, D and the expression pedal input E. The full set of MIDI mappings is available in the source file OpenWareMidiControl.h. Remote control can be switched with CC 27 (127 for on, 0 for off). Remote control is always off when the pedal boots.

Single Mode

The Patch API now includes methods to get and set the status of the pushbutton. This means that you can write patches that uses the button for anything you like: looping, tap-tempo, triggers.

As you know, the pushbutton is usually mapped to swapping between the Red and Green patch slot. If you select Patch Mode: Single, then only the Green patch will be active, and in full control of the button.

Screenshot from 2014-07-09 17:33:58

We have developed a patch which demonstrates the API, called Karplus Strong. The patch uses the button to trigger sounds, by synthesising a string being strummed. The LED changes to red for the duration of the note. To try it out, simply load the Karplus Strong patch in the Green slot, and remember to enable Single mode!

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