New firmware Release: Rev004.005

We are happy to announce a new firmware release for the OWL, Rev004.005! Lots of new patches…
The new release is available through OwlNest now, or you can download the binary from GitHub.

It improves the quality of Delay patches, with a reworked Simple Delay Patch, and an additional Filtered Delay Patch.

Also it includes a great collection of stereo patches by Oli Larkin (who recently released the Virtual CZ, check it out!). List below:
– reworked DroneBox, now stereo
– Dual Frequency Shifter
– Stereo Frequency Shifter
– Dual Pitch Shifter
– XFM Synth
– Blipper
– ThruZeroFlanger

We also started to port some effects from the ArtyFX Library, Bitta and Vidha.

Also, Giulio Moro and Dave Moffat have contributed with some cool patches: OverOverDrive, ToneFilter, PlateVerb and Compressor.

Let us know through the forums / twitter what you think of these new effects, and please share any audio / video / patches with us!

We also hope you like the new website and patches page, there is still a lot coming in the new year…

the OWL team

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