The OWL team consists of DSP, audio and electronics engineers and musicians who met at the London Music Hackspace, where they discovered a shared interest in creating Open Source audio technology for musicians and performers.

Owl team

Tom is a researcher and audio engineer working at the University of Bedfordshire with a background in sound engineering. Tom has an MSc (hons) in computing from Goldsmiths college and plays guitar.

Martin is the founder of Rebel Technology and creator of the BlipBox. A programmer by trade, he produces open source, open hardware technology and has designed a unique and innovative range of audio synthesis modules. Martin plays the saxophone and live modular synth at various festivals and parties, and is a member of the band Fingerhut.

Guillaume runs his consultancy Lionfish Audio for hi-tech and pro audio clients.  He also co-created the French startup AudioGaming. He holds an MSc in audio signal processing from IRCAM Paris and a PhD in acoustics from INSA Lyon. He plays the bass guitar and the flute and has toured around the world with his band Kwak.

Sasha is a programmer whose first computer was a Sinclair ZX81, and who built his first radio on a brass screw and washers wooden breadboard. Ska was then, and still is his first choice in music. He has spent the last 17 years writing software and more recently creating environments for other programmers to meet their potential. Have a look at his Linked In page and Illusionary Terrain Blog.

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