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    Here’s an “acid groovebox” patch I made for the OWL. The trigger moves through a 4/4 pattern with kick, snare, high hats and bass with filter. You write the bassline using the expression input, and the other CV inputs are for pitch of kick, snare pattern, high hat volume and filter cut off. There’s loads of ways it can be improved if anyone wants to download the Pure Data file! I was interested in what you could do with just an OWL / Stoicheia/ Chronos. Here’s the patch –

    And here’s a video of the patch running:



    Lovely patch. Always nice to have an early 90s sounding acidic rhythm generator and bleeps. How much of control is left with an owl pedal instead of the rack version?


    Martin Klang

    With the pedal you have all the same controls (with bass pitch on expression pedal), but you would have to keep tapping the pushbutton to get sounds out of it – probably not ideal!
    Would be better to adapt the patch to use an internal clock with tap tempo control.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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