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    Forgive me if it is a silly question, but as an aspiring DSP programmer I would like to clarify how much code access will be granted or available in terms of register control and core functionality of the DSP (interrupts, DMA etc…).

    From what I understand, all of the audio processing will be pretty free to play around with, and this may be all that is needed. Just curiosity mostly, if one wished to program it differently.

    In any case, I am eagerly awaiting an OWL.
    Good work guys, and keep it up.


    Martin Klang

    Hi there, and thanks!

    Our focus is primarily on making it extremely easy to write and upload patches that are written for the pluggable API that we are developing.

    However, the firmware source code will also be published in full, and should be easy to re-build and deploy through the USB bootloader if you are used to embedded programming.

    Even from within a patch you can still access all the low level functions of the ARM processor, either directly or using the CMSIS libraries (which also include a lot of cool DSP functions). It’s all there to play with and have fun!






    thanks very much for clearing things up. Time to get even more excited!

    Enjoy your day,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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