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    I don’t own the OWL yet but the eurorack version is in the top of my list of rather expensive things to buy. The lack of the unit didn’t stop me from making some patches beforehand. Unfortunately none of my friends have the OWL either so i’m unable to test my patches with hardware so could somebody be so kind and try if they work in a real thing too?

    edit. Apparently patches can’t be linked here straight so just search using my username.


    ps. Feel free to use them in your projects too!

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    Martin Klang

    Cool, looks good – I’ll try to give them a spin later on.

    Link to patches:


    Martin Klang

    Quick test:
    * 4 saw works, 8% CPU, 5986 bytes. Very loud output! Difficult to control. Probably good idea to scale down the output signal.
    * Granular Delay works, 79% CPU, 7504 bytes. Great ‘digital smearing’ sounds, lots of fun.
    * Cloud Delay fails, memory overflow. Reduce the table size? I see you’ve got delwrite 10000, which is 10sec delay, right? There’s room for about 5.5 sec mono delay total on the OWL hardware, so try half that.

    I’ll see if we can get some samples recorded tomorrow.



    Thank you so much for your feedback!

    – 4-saw’s output is not dropped to 75%. Don’t know if I should use one of the knobs to control volume and come up with some other control scheme for detuning.

    – I halved the table size in Cloud Delay so it should work now too.

    Samples would be great! Looking forward to hear them!



    Tried your patches.

    4 saw is pretty noisy on top of being loud and you have to move the knobs in increments of microns to get it to do anything. Sounds pretty good once dialed in though.

    For granular delay i wish there was a scalar or maybe a fine control for the pitch but other than that it was the first patch i tried to load and really fun. also, even though you mention it, its still kinda confusing that feedback is backwards. maybe some kind of wet / dry control would be nice?

    cloud delay is awesome. wouldnt change a thing.

    i could send you some audio maybe in a few days. i just got the pedal today so im messing around a bunch.



    My appreciations.

    Now i’m certain that i’ll have get my own OWL asap. I’ll get back on the patch dev biz once I’m a happy owner of one.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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