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    Martin Klang

    @stereosmiles: it’s fine that it appears as OWL FS, that is normal when it’s in MIDI mode. What OwlNest does is send a MIDI command to put the device into DFU mode. It should then disconnect as USB MIDI, and re-appear as a DFU device.
    On Windows this usually works… But sometimes not.
    Holding the LED pushbutton down while powercycling should make the device flash red three times then go blank as it enters DFU mode directly. If that doesn’t happen you might have an early device without a valid bootloader. What does OwlNest tell you if you click Device Info?



    The upgrade to owlware v10 seems to have worked, but now the pedal is unresponsive. Its led is red and doesn’t change when pressed. Nor does it get contact with OwlNest. Am I missing something obvious?


    Martin Klang

    Did you get the file with OwlNest, using Tools/Download Firmware from Server?
    It should have downloaded a file called OwlWare-v10-pedal.bin, of size 254312 bytes.
    If you’ve got another file (e.g. the .syx from GitHub), or if it has a different size, pls remove and download again, using OwlNest.

    Once the upgrade is successful, the OWL should come up with a green LED. OwlNest will no longer connect unless you change the MIDI input and output in Application Settings: there should be an OWL-MIDI option if the device is recognised correctly.

    Once on v10, have a look at Documentation / Getting Started
    and pls start using OwlControl instead of OwlNest

    Sorry if this all seems terribly complicated, but a lot of things changed with the last firmware. Once upgraded, everything will be much, much easier!

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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