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    Made a player controllable ring mod with Pure Data.


    The simple beauty of this thing is, that it reacts to the player. Average RMS level of incoming audio is permanently calculated and a trigger to the ring mod generated upon exceeding the average level.

    So you set yourself a BASE frequency for the ring mod first (1Hz – 8.1 KHz).
    Upon playing attacks (preferably a solo percussive instrument, like a guitar or percussion thing) the patch adds a random increase to a base mod frequency.
    The amount of this increase is set separately by using the RANGE dial, from subtle to drastic (1Hz- 8.1 KHz).
    Here you can set very slightly varying drone things, or total bleepy freak out.
    A 3rd dial allows to either work on the release time (volume) of the added ring modulation, or set a glide time between modulator frequency changes (RELGLIDE).
    Finally you can adjust original and effect audio with the MIX dial.

    I’m going to use this one live oftenly, as it turns my violin or other string instrument quickly into a Balinese percussion instrument. It also allows for experimental drum remixing, harmonization of pads, chords etc.




    Very nice patch!



    Thanx much!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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