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    Martin Klang

    @speakerbug in an OWL Gen patch you have access to parameters A, B, C, D, Exp, and Push.
    Exp is the extra CV input on the OWL Modular, or the expression pedal input on the OWL Pedal.
    Push is an on/off parameter which is activated by pushing the LED button, or, on the Modular, by the PUSH trigger input.
    There is also the stereo audio inputs and outputs, which are DC coupled.
    So yes you can use Push for trigger and gate inputs. You could also use thresholding on any of the parameters or audio inputs.

    What you can’t do at the moment is to activate the Push trigger output from inside Gen. We are hoping to have a solution to that at some point.
    Meanwhile you can use the audio outputs. Because they are DC coupled you can put out any CV signal: LFOs, triggers, envelopes, gates. If you adjust for offset and scaling you can also use the audio inputs and outputs for 1V/octave pitch CV with very accurate tracking and high precision, e.g. to make arpeggiators or quantisers.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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