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    I’m having the same problem with pure data delay patches. Turning remote control off doesn’t fix the problem.

    Any suggestions on a way to smooth the ADC? I tried a low-pass filter, but it didn’t do anything.


    Martin Klang

    Hi Mike,

    so turning Remote Control ‘on’ doesn’t change anything? Then it is unlikely to be ADC noise. Have you got a link to the patch?



    Patch is here:

    CloudDelay, also written in PureData, has the same problem for me.



    Hi Mike – have you tried other patches in the library, and does the patch glitch on your laptop?

    It could be that you need some smoothing with [line~] between the input and the [delread~].

    Hope I’ve understood the problem, sorry if not!




    Ya, almost every patch works! It’s just the delay patches that are written in Pure Data that have the issue. Delay patches written in other languages work fine.

    It works fine on the online simulation of the patch. And I can hear that the dry signal is coming through clean, so it must be something to do with how pure data stores into the OWL’s memory?

    Not sure how I would go about using [line~]? It’s for volume ramps, no?



    Solved it!! Need to use the vd~ function with line~, instead of delread~

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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