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    Put up a patch, from Pure Data.
    It’s good to create subtle to drastic changes on almost any kind of incoming music/audio and uses volume changes in this material to alter it’s own function as well.

    Essentially, what it does, is harmonically bandpass filtering incoming audio.
    One can tune the harmonic filter to a base tone, then a bandpass filter with adjustable Q will oscillate through a variable range of harmonics of that base tone, in random fashion, but triggered from volume chnages in incoming audio.

    Very good for remixing or just to add character to a mix.
    Obviously works well with for droning (or otherwise modal) music in general, but can aswell get very funky on hip hop tracks or solo instruments.



    here might be an update adjusting fx volume, some point soon.

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    Martin Klang

    Great patch, really like it!



    It has a bit of a level problem yet, as obviously the audible levels sink very much with higher q factors and/or fx levels. Maybe i implement a sort of regulation for this later.

    On another note i tend to run things like this on all sorts musicla material, and it is kind of fascinating, how even a slight, music dependent filtering can enrich a whol emix, especially, when it sounds otehrwise too balanced.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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