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    I can’t understand why my patch isn’t working… It works as expected in Pd, but when I compile it for the Owl there’s no output, other than the mixed-in dry signal. I have no idea where the problem might be and how to debug it.
    So is anybody available to give it a look?
    Here’s the patch:

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    It was a tough one. I don’t know why but the enzien compiler didn’t like 2 things:
    1 – in [pd play], there was a loop with a delay, didn’t like it.
    2 – the [t b b f] object after [tabread] didn’t trigger the [select] object

    With this changes it is working:
    1 – replace the loop with [metro]
    2 – put [t b b f] before [tabread]

    Changes on multibuffer

    Nice patch by the way. I’m working on something not far from this.



    Thank you for looking into it!
    I couldn’t get it working from your example though… it only plays from one of the buffers. I tried replacing the set buffer part with redudant blocks, but it seems that’s not the problem. As far as I know, it seems the problem is in the tabread series part, for some reason… I guess I’ll have to do some test patches to investigate what exactly is wrong with this.
    I really like your patches, by the way. Looking at them, maybe it’ll be more efficient if I can get my head into C++ instead of pd.
    Another thing: how do you get the curvy patch lines in pd?

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