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    my name is patrick pagano and i am a pd programmer student of DSP for a while and i just received my OWL pedal in the mail.
    I am going to start out with Pd before moving onto gen~ and other stuff because i am most comfortable with it.
    Can someone bring me up to speed regarding externals? Does owl play nice with them or does everything have to be in Vanilla? I am hoping expr~ fexpr~ work. IF someone could enlighten me to the pd gotchas or workaround i would be very grateful.





    Hi Patrick, everything has to be Vanilla, and a list of supported PD Vanilla objects is here.

    expr~, fexpr~ and non signal rate counterparts are NOT supported. (Grmph.)
    Long time complaint of mine. I suggest starting with gen very soon, as that gets you rid of a lot of troubles in one go. Gen has a codebox, if you really need to handcode stuff in a similar way to C++.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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