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    Karl is an anagram of lark and this is a bird generator.

    This Pure Data patch is good for art exhibitions, to sample Kraftwerk or generally electronica type of sounds from, as well as bridge pauses in your live set.

    You might as well see this as an ongoing composition in early 50s electronic music tradition.
    But it turns into R2D2 eventually, when you start using the built in ring modulator.

    I am using this for contemporary dance pieces.




    Martin Klang

    That’s wonderful – love it! Were you inspired by Andy Farnell’s birdcall patches?



    Thanx much, and no, i wasn’t inspired by Andy Farnell – I’ll have to get familiar with him.
    I made this thing (Karl) first as a Max for Live plugin last year, because i was working in a pretty loud city space and was missing just sort of nature sounds. I can’t resort to something like Youtube jungle athmo videos, really, that’s just too simple 🙂 A while after Karl started “singing” there seemed to be more birds in the backyard, but surely that was just an esoteric view point 😉

    On another note i am a fan of Olivier Messiaen’s music since i was a child – he used a lot of transcribed bird voices for composition.

    I never use computers on stage, so i am glad Karl can mate with an Owl now.


    Martin Klang

    Andy wrote a fantastic book called Designing Sound.

    His website is currently out of action but you can find most of it on Wayback Machine, e.g.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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