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    The whole online IDE is awesome. But for some reason I lose my changes almost every time I open a patch. Here’s what I’m doing:

    click MyPatches
    click on patch name
    click on EDIT
    make changes then hit SAVE and then COMPILE, or SAVE & COMPILE
    click MyPatches
    click on patch name
    now my changes are gone and I have the original file that I uploaded

    Occasionally this doesn’t happen. It also happens if I log out and log in and click on the patch again. Somehow it keeps getting the old version of the file back most of the time instead of the edited and saved version. I must be doing something wrong.



    I also noiced this.

    Try one thing, open your patch with another browser. Another option is to clear your browsers cache.

    The server is responding with a 304 message (Not modified), so your browser uses the files on your computer and you dont see the changes.



    Thanks for the suggestions. I don’t know of any browser other than chrome that supports midi, but clearing the chache seems to have fixed it.


    Martin Klang

    We were tracking this issue recently:

    I thought it was resolved. We’ll do some additional testing on it, to make sure it’s not a system bug.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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