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    Hi all,

    At the moment the USB MIDI input needs to be connected to a host, i.e. laptop, iOS app, unless using a Kenton MIDI device etc. so would not work directly as a MIDI synth, for example, from a MIDI keyboard’s USB port.

    I could buy the extra Kenton hardware (I still use my control freak from 1999 btw!), but has somebody made a suitable MIDI device on an arduino or similar that would be a cheaper way of connecting the pin(s) of a MIDI 5pinDin output from standard MIDI hardware device to the USB input (or expression pedal input) of the owl?




    Martin Klang

    Have a look at this thread:

    Using OWL with MIDI Controller

    Is that what you had in mind?



    Getting there. It’s a keyboard (note on/off) as well as cc messages that I am wanting to send. Ideally would like to move some of my synthesiser patches to hardware without the need for a laptop.

    Any chance of a firmware upgrade coming anytime soon that would allow for direct host free midi-input?



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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