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    Martin Klang

    We’ve updated the server with a new release of FAUST, with a host of new features and a new library structure.

    The installed version is FAUST v0.9.102, a development branch with new memory management features by Stéphane Letz. This now allows us to put FAUST tables on the heap, which means lots more space available and lots more patches to play with!

    You don’t have to do anything to use this new feature, simply create tables as usual and enjoy having more than 1MB of space! There are also several library objects that use large tables which will now work out of the box, e.g. osci.

    Due to FAUST having reorganised their library many old FAUST patches will no longer compile without modification. We will be working our way through the demo and factory patches to bring them up to date. If you find one that doesn’t compile, let us know!

    Details about the new library structure is here:


    Martin Klang

    Here’s a teaser from Romain Michon’s work-in-progress DX7 emulator:

    It uses dx7.lib from the current FAUST development branch. Not only does it emulate a DX7, Romain has also created tools to convert existing DX7 sysex presets to FAUST patches, which will then run on the OWL. Really looking forward to see this develop further!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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