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    Martin Klang

    We’ve got a new firmware release which amongst other things fixes a couple of bugs (notably: save settings to flash) and introduces an exciting new feature: sample accurate triggers!

    Sample accurate triggers means that the pushbutton state can be determined not just on a block basis, but with the exact time (in samples) that it changed.
    This means ridiculously accurate envelopes, tap tempo and anything else you might want to trigger with a button.
    And remember that on the OWL Modular this can be automated with the Push input and output.

    We’ve got a new Envelope class in the library which uses this, and a few cool new patches including a tap tempo delay and crazy oscillators. Check out the patch library for the latest.

    Also worth noting is that this release fixes a couple of patch bugs. There was a weird issue with two of Oli Larkin’s patches where the wet signal would rapidly fade out to become inaudible: DualFreqShifter and StereoFreqShifter. Oli tracked this down to the quadrature oscillator used in a Hilbert transform. This has been fixed, so make sure you give these patches another chance as they’re really great – some awesome stereo phasing effects to be had!


    Martin Klang

    Also available: matching releases of OwlControl (the GUI configuration tool) and OwlProgram (standalone patch compilation):

    There’s a Firmware v11 wiki page which details the factory patches.



    Please forgive me if I’m not asking this in the correct forum, but is it possible to clear the Owl pedal of all existing preset patches? And if so, how? I found that creating and uploading PD patches was amazingly easy. But I’d like to be able to upload more than just 4 user-made patches. I’ve downloaded the source code for the firmware, not sure what to do next. Thanks!


    Martin Klang

    Hi there,
    if you compile your own firmware with OwlWare then you can select your own ‘factory’ patches:
    put the patch files in Libraries/OwlPatches then edit factory.h and factory.cpp to your liking.

    However this won’t give you more than four user slots, at least not without re-arranging the flash memory.

    There are plans to extend the user slots, I’ve created an issue here:



    OwlProgram (standalone patch compilation)
    Sounds very interesting. Can you say something about this tool and its uses? Thanks!


    Martin Klang

    With OwlProgram you can compile your own patches and send them to the OWL, using the command line ‘make’ tool.

    For Pd patches the build script will call Enzien audio’s online compiler automatically. For C++ and FAUST, no internet connection is needed.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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