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    Martin Klang

    I am so excited about this new website feature:
    You can now edit patch files directly in the browser, save and compile all in one place!

    This works for any C++ or FAUST patches you have created and uploaded source files for.

    (If you are hosting the files on GitHub then you can’t edit them with us, but there’s a link to open the file on the GitHub website which also allows you to edit)

    Simply go to Patches / My Patches and either create a new patch or open an existing one. You will notice that the Compile button has moved, and there are new Edit and Save buttons.

    Pure Data files can’t be edited yet, but we are considering an update which will let you edit the files as text. Pd users: would that be useful?



    Great! The web platform is becoming a great tool.

    About PureData editing, I don’t see the point. You could open the .pd file with a text editor and copy/paste, but it’s probably easier uploading the file. Writing patches with a text editor… that’s another level 😀

    What I’m really waiting for is more dynamically loaded patches (#18). I do a lot of tinkering with the firmware and I load my patches on it, but there are some that I can’t (PD patches, GVerb, MIDI patches) and I’d love to have more of those. And people who don’t modify the factory patches only have 4 of their own. Just a suggestion.



    Oh, and I forgot to mention, there is a fork of Pd-L2Ork (purr-data) that changes the interface from tcl/tk to a web interface. If you really want a Pd editor take a look a this, but implementing it would be a huge development.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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