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    I recently acquired a Montreal Assembly Count to Five Pitch Delay Looping pedal, a shrine of absolute awesomeness for the experimental isntrumentalist. So i just HAD TO try emulate at least one of those play modes for the OWL, here it is:

    CT5 mode 1 pitch delay.

    FUN, if you’re somewhere between ambient, jazz, experiment and Nels Cline 😉 Definately a unit to create the most unique things for mainstream styles, too. You know like recording 31 clean tracks, but put some real drastic experiment on that one next track. The spice.

    So this spicy patch went from PD into maxmsp/gen due to performance issues with the Heavy compiled code from PD. I am glad i can finally abandon the Heavy compiler. They never really supported the ore awesome parts even from Vanilla (like block sizing or [expr], and the resulting code is 3 times larger than from gen patches. Shame about not supporting open source or even free software here anymore, but gen does the trick with a resulting CPU efficiency 4-6 times higher than PD in my experience.

    And finally i can get back to playing! Coding really is only worth it for that.




    Oops it should be mentioned, that by now the reverse mode of the CT5 is not implemented in the patch. I’ll implement that eventually and reflect here.


    Martin Klang

    Excellent, very happy to see this patch published!



    Thank you Martin, will rewrite this again to also have reverse delay modes. Using the data object in gen one can poke, peek and phasor the heck out of an audio signal without using external buffers in Max. … In some days… going to Istanbul now and play!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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