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    I am getting a ProgramVector checksum error on some of my already OWL-contained V11 patches after updating to v12.
    I can’t recompile them, as the new compiler gives me memory errors, while there wasn’t any with my v11 patches.
    Is there another option for compiling older patches, so they’d continue to run on v12?
    Thanx in advance!


    Martin Klang

    Ah yes, I can see how that would be a problem.

    It is compounded by the fact that between v11 and v12 the Heavy compiler has changed, which means that simply compiling with v11 code and the v12 checksum won’t work.

    I’ll look for a pre-release version that will do the job.



    Any luck on this?



    Is there a pre-release version for the conversion of old patches pre v12 now, or a timeline, when it will be completed. I am kind of not using the OWL due to this right now… Thanks in advance!


    Martin Klang

    Sorry this has dragged out. The v12 updates involved some performance improvements which ended up consuming a bit more RAM. We have a much improved implementation of log and exp functions ready, but it takes up even more memory. The solution to this is to store static tables in flash memory, which will free up a chunk of program space RAM.
    Here’s the associated issue:

    However this has become stuck behind another major new feature: Flash file storage

    This is in the works (flashstorage branch). It’s a fairly big change and will involve some more work: no more fixed factory patches (all 40 locations can be changed), no more static patches in the firmware, more CCRAM available for stack and heap, and of course dynamic resource loading within patches for things like samples, filter coefficients and presets.

    I’ll do a few tests tomorrow to see if there’s an intermediary solution that will bring the patch size back under the limit. Have you got a link please, to a patch that used to work but doesn’t now?



    For me, all 4 of the user patches on v12 didnt work initially. All the other user patches seems to be fine. Luckily I was planning on replacing those anyway.

    Lotka Volterra works when i replace it with the one from the patch library, as do Morph and Lorenz Attractor. Rossler attractor is no longer in the patch library as far as i can see.



    I have just purchased the Owl Modular (ver 11). I started updating to 12, and now all patches have the program vector checksum error. Is the any news of how to fix this problem?

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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