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    Hi – I got the OWL pedal following a Max/MSP/gen~ workshop and I am pretty excited about it. However I have not found a way to save a user patch to the OWL such that it is preserved during power off. When I power back up I back at a preset and need to load the user patch over USB again. I wish to use the OWL as a synth/effect in a computer-free live setup.

    How can a user patch be saved during a power cycle? Also can more than one user patch be saved?

    Sorry if I am missing something really obvious, but I searched through the forums and docs and didn’t see anything obvious..


    Martin Klang

    Hi Jason,

    glad you like it, I hope you’ll be making lots of fun patches on it!

    There are four user slots, programs 36 to 40, which can be written to using the OwlControl utility [1].

    First download the sysex from the patch page.
    Then in OwlControl, go to Tools / Load Patch from File and select the downloaded .syx file.

    When prompted, you can either just run the patch from memory (same as if you load it from the web page) or store it to one of the four user slots.

    Once stored, you can then make it the default patch. First select the patch you want to be loaded on startup, then click Save to OWL. This will also save your current gain settings et c.




    Thanks Martin! I will give that a try

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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