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    First off, this may be a dumb question, but the owl digital board is not set up with the firmware installed on it already is it? Owl Nest was not reading anything when i plugged in the board and power to the USB connection on my computer. If it is already installed, why is it not showing up off the bat?

    If the firmware needs to be loaded on to the chip then I am having some difficulty setting up the Owl Ware directory for the make to work correctly. I believe i was following the directions correctly, but i guess not since it would not make. Anyway, i was a little confused about where the files go after cloning the repo (also the clone command given requires a key). When unzipping the GNU tools for ARM do the contents of it need to go into a specifically named directory in the tools folder?

    Also for the instructions on the DFU util directory i was a little confused, can we use owl nest INSTEAD of unzipping the binaries into the dfu util directory?

    I will be looking at it again tomorrow, but figured i would post in the forum for any help if people have been through the same problems!

    Thank you!



    Also when it says in the readme to “make to build Builds/OwlWare.elf” and “make bin to build Builds/OwlWare.bin” does this mean these files should be in the directory builds dir already or will it build them and put them in there?

    When i ran the git submodule init and update nothing seemed to change in the owlware directory. What are these commands supposed to add?

    Thanks again!



    So i am running into a bunch of errors when making the owlware dir. First problem was the biquadfilter.h was not given. Next the Olilarkin dir was empty in the owlware patches (just commented this out in factory.h). But now i am getting errors in the hpp files, such as FloatParameter does not name a type and other vars not declared in the scope.

    I will update here if i figure it out, otherwise if someone knows the fix, it would be greatly appreciated if you help out!

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    Martin Klang

    Did you try OwlControl?
    OwlNest is a legacy tool, from before we implemented dynamic patch loading over MIDI. It incorporates a DFU tool, so if you just want to get a firmware image loaded you could try flashing with OwlNest.
    To do so you need to set the board in DFU mode with two wires, see

    OwlWare: I’ll see what I can do about sorting out the current master branch, there might be some dependency issues.

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