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    I made a reduced version of my “OWL synth”. It is just an oscillator with 20 sawtooth waves that can be detuned. It sounds massive.
    It would be nice if someone modifies it to work in the OWL modular. I think it would make a good VCO.

    I also uploaded the whole synth (it’s made with PD and TouchOSC) to github:
    It’s not very user friendly but if someone wants to play with it there you have it. It uses the MoogLadder class from the MoogFilter patch. Also, it has a continuous pitch mode (default) and a discrete mode, where you get the pitches corresponding to the midi notes. This is adequate to control the synth with a keyboard, but it needs some modifications on the PD side. (Edit: the mode is selected with the push button)

    I’ll make some improvements when I find time.

    PS: The sound sample I uploaded is made with the OWL and B4P, a PD library I’m making that emulates modular synthesizer modules. If someone is interested:

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    Martin Klang

    great stuff, thanks for sharing!

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