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    I’ve added two basic patches written in Pure Data:

    There is a GlitchyMonoLooper:

    This lets you record up to 3 seconds of audio, then play with end point and speed. It is quite noisey (when changing endpoint – this seems to be a problem with pure data and tabread~ that I haven’t figured out yet). However, you get some nice unpredictable behaviour from it.

    The second patch is a straighforward MonoLooper. This just records and loops up to 3 seconds of audio.

    I’m looking into “layering” loops, but suspect this needs more memory…

    Anyway, please play about with them, any feedback much appreciated.




    Hi, I’ve been working on something similar. It’s published now:

    It’s more intended as a guitar effect. A crazy one 😀
    You need an expression pedal to trigger it.

    About layering loops, you dont need more memory. Just plug the output of [tabread~] into a mixer with the input signal. This way when you record the loop, you record on top of the old one.



    Sorry to repeat your work! That’s a great tip for layering! I will try and implement it now 🙂

    I will do a facebook post on the Rebel Tech page linking to all three loopers later on today (i just broke facebook on my computer by deleting certificates in keychain – oops! I thought macs were bullet proof in this respect!)



    Martin Klang

    I’ve ported a couple of things:

    Gordon Pearce’s SimpleReverb
    (took about 10mins to get working!)

    Juhana Sadeharju’s GVerb (aka GigaVerb)
    This is a gigantic reverb that used to ship with Audacity

    dr Petter’s SFXR
    Hours of fun with instant game audio effects!
    Two notes:
    1) the web audio version isn’t functional because we haven’t yet got a pushbutton. Working on it.
    2) to run well on the pedal it should be compiled with e.g. make LDSCRIPT=Source/ccmheap.ld. The downloadable sysex version will glitch. Working on this, too.

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    GVerb is awesome! I’ve been using it for a couple of years. It’s great to have it on the OWL.

    One suggestion. Due to the ADC’s noise, the size control sometimes makes a “glitch”. It’s subtle but it is there. With a little more smoothing has disappeared.
    size = 0.9 * size + 0.1 * getParameterValue(PARAMETER_A)*GVerb::MAX_SIZE+1.0f;

    size has to be declared on the class.

    About point 2): you’re talking about the “pop” sounds right? Without polling values from the OWL it doesn’t pop.
    By the way, using ccmheap.ld it doesn’t work for me. It makes a big noise at startup and then nothing. In fact I tried other patches with this script and they make a lot of noises.


    Martin Klang

    Good call, added the smoothing.

    Yes I meant the audio drop outs. Not sure why ccmheap.ld is not working for you, though I’d messed up the command; updated.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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