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    Martin Klang

    Presets: yes this has been on our collective minds for some time! Not sure exactly how to store and recall, and how the preset values would be overridden by knob changes. How exactly would the user interact with a preset, vis a vis a patch?

    At the moment, the workaround is to make your own fixed-parameter patches that you can recall with a PC or with some knob twiddling.
    You can of course code ‘if knob hasn’t changed then use default value X’ into your patch as well.

    And yes, it would be good to improve how the pedal works in a live environment. At the moment, with user patch slots and standalone patch changes I think you can always find a way, but it’s not as easy as it perhaps could be.



    Thank you for the recommendation and reply. I’ll give those a try! Btw, I tried something out just as a test. I added

    memcpy(midi_values, getAnalogValues(), NOF_PARAMETERS*sizeof(uint16_t));
    setParameterValues(midi_values, NOF_PARAMETERS);

    to both sides of the if-statement. This seems to work ok for eliminating the need for a cc26=127 message. Surprisingly, the knobs still worked. However I still wasn’t able to get my DMC pedal to communicate with the Owl. Looks like they need to update their firmware to include Owl compatibility. All other USB-MIDI devices that the DMC works with are customized to the firmware, for instance the Zoom Multistomp. Anyhow, I’ve been emailing Disaster Area Design’s technical support about adding the Owl to their firmware.

    As far as presets go, it might be necessary to create multiple modes. For instance, on my Korg Electribe, there’s a sample mode which allows users to scroll between and modify/upload samples. And then there’s another mode for scrolling between patterns/presets. But since there are significantly less buttons on an Owl pedal than on an Electribe, my guess is that the most convenient way to switch between and modify these modes would be via a separate application like the Owl app (which I would be totally ok with).



    Thanks again Martin. JSYK, I was told by technician at Disaster Area Designs said that they’re busy prepping for Summer NAMM but afterwards wanted to acquire an Owl pedal so they can integrate it into their firmware (so hopefully in the later half of this summer).


    Martin Klang

    The OWL is a class-compliant USB MIDI device so I’m surprised it requires firmware changes to support it. Looks like a handy device though.
    There’s a Kenton USB Host interface which we tried out here the other day, that worked fine with the OWL – must have been this one:

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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