Creating Your Own Patches

You can compile and load your own patches for the OWL using our online compiler at

Using a MIDI enabled browser such as Chrome, navigate to and login to your account; if you don't have an account, it's quick and free to create one.

Navigate to PATCHES, then My Patches, and click on 'Create patch'.

You will be taken to the upload page, where you can choose the a name for your patch, and upload the correct file(s). You can also paste a link to the patch on GitHub. You will see a drop down menu from which to select the type of file you are uploading (C++, Pure Data, FAUST or a Max Gen file).


Once you have selected the files and file type, click "SAVE AND COMPILE". If the patch has successfully compiled, then you'll see the following window. If it hasn't compiled, you'll get some error messages which should help with troubleshooting and debugging.


Once your file is saved and compiled, you can load it onto the OWL by clicking "CONNECT TO OWL" followed by "LOAD".


You can play your patch in the browser by clicking "PLAY", and you can edit your patch in the browser by scrolling down and clicking "EDIT".


You can edit your patch edit icon in the top left of the screen. This will allow you to change or add to the uploaded files, add a description and further information about the patch, and name the dials for playing the patch in the browser. Remember, you might have to recompile your patch before uploading it to the OWL, or using it in the browser.