OWL Digital

OWL Digital PCB

The OWL Digital board is a PCB containing the vital organs of both the OWL Pedal and the OWL Modular. This includes the microcontroller, codec, memory, and +3.3v regulator.


  • ST Micro STM32F405ZGT6 ARM Cortex M4
  • Wolfson WM8731 Stereo Codec
  • IS61WV51216BLL-10TLI 8Mbit SRAM

OWL Digital Diagram

This diagram shows the board dimensions and pin-out. Please consult the Schematics for more information.

OWL Digital Pin-out

Pin Mappings

OWL Pin Mappings


  • +3v3 is generated by the onboard regulator IC1 (never connect a power source to it!)
  • To power over USB, the USB_VBUS pin must be connected to one of the +5v pins, and USB_GND to GND.
  • To power from external source, connect a 5v DC power supply to +5v and GND pins.
  • LED1 is a power indicator, LED2 is connected to microcontroller pin PB2.