Online Compiler

To use the online compiler, first create a forum user account. You will then be able to create your own patches in the patch library. Currently you also need to have a GitHub account.

First put your patch code in a GitHub repository. The go to Patches/My Patches on our website (you have to be logged in to see My Patches) and click `Add a new patch`.

Enter your patch details and add a link to your github file. After saving, you will see a Compile button next to the patch details (channels, CPU et c). Press compile and wait for it to finish. If it fails, click Stderr to see what the errors were. If not, wait for the page to reload and there will have appeared a Download link.

To load the patch, download the patch syx file to your OwlControl folder and go to OwlControl / Tools / Load patch from file. Provided your OWL is connected and all has gone well you can now click Run and your patch will come to life.

(Actually you can send the sysex file with any decent DAW or e.g. Sysex Librarian. To start it, send a MIDI Program Change 0)