Download an OwlControl binary for your platform from GitHub.

Connect to Device


Make sure your OWL is connected before you start OwlControl. The software will try to automatically connect to your device. If successful, the indicator light on the left side will soon change from red to green. If not, click the Application Settings tab and select your OWL in both the MIDI Input and MIDI Output lists.

Device Status

Once connected you will see the current device status on the screen, which shows you the percentage of CPU and amount of memory used by the current patch. Memory is divided into Stack and Heap. The total available Stack memory varies from patch to patch, but total available Heap is always 1Mb: 1048576 bytes. To find out what version firmware your device is running click on `Device Info`.

Changing Patches


You can use OwlControl to list the patches that are available, change between them, and see what the patch parameters are. First click `Load from OWL` to load the patch list from the device. The Patch drop-down list will now be populated with patch names. Selecting a patch from the list will immediately load it on the device and update the parameter names on screen.

Device Polling

By default the software sends regular messages to get the current status of the device. This can be turned off by toggling the `Poll Device` control. Turning polling off will change the status indicator to yellow.

Load Patch From File

To load a patch contained in a SysEx file (e.g. downloaded from the Patch Library) go to the `Tools` menu and select `Load patch from file`. Select the sysex file and it will be uploaded to your OWL. While uploading the LED on the OWL toggles rapidly between red and green. Once uploaded you will be given the option to run the patch from RAM, or storing it to one of the available user patch slots. If you store the patch, it will be available to load again next time you use your OWL.

Remote Control

With OwlControl it is possible to remote control the patch parameters by clicking on the `Remote Control` toggle button. When activated, the OWL does not read the physical knob values any more. Instead you can use OwlControl knobs!

This remote control mode is based on MIDI, so you can do the same from any software like Ableton Live, Max MSP or PureData, by sending MIDI CC messages. The list of CC messages can be found here.

Patches can be changed by sending a MIDI Program Change message.

Firmware Upgrade

You can use OwlControl to upgrade the firmware of your OWL.

  • First download a firmware release from GitHub. Download the appropriate version for your device, e.g. OwlWare-v10-pedal.syx if you have an OWL Pedal.
  • Connect your OWL and start up OwlControl, then go to Tools/Update OWL Firmware. Select the downloaded firmware file, and wait for the file to be uploaded to your device. While the file is being transmitted, the LED will flash rapidly.
  • Once transmitted, you will be prompted to enter the firmware checksum. This is a hexadecimal number which you should copy from the Release page where you downloaded the firmware from. Make sure you get the right checksum for your version of the firmware.
  • After clicking Confirm, the device will update itself and then reboot. This may take a few seconds, please make sure the process is not interrupted by disconnecting the power supply or your OWL may become unresponsive.
  • Once the OWL has rebooted, restart OwlControl to use it again.