The current revision of the OWL pedal circuit boards is Rev04 and consists of one digital, one analogue, and one stomp connector PCB.


The digital board combines our ARM Cortex M4 MCU with 8MBit 10ns SRAM and the Wolfson WM8731 stereo codec and a 3.3v power supply.

OWL Digital rev04 Schematic
OWL Digital rev04 BOM


The OWL Pedal analogue board interfaces the codec with impedance-matched inputs and outputs and an anti-aliasing filter, along with switches, expression pedal inputs, power jack, and a robust 5v regulator.

OWL Pedal rev04 Schematic
OWL Pedal rev04 BOM


The OWL Modular analogue board comprises of 4 manual parameter pots, 5 CV inputs with attenuators, trigger input and output, DC coupled audio inputs and outputs and all sorts of modular goodness.

OWL Modular rev02 Schematic
OWL Modular rev02 BOM


This is a simple interconnect board which attaches to a 4PDT footswitch and is connected to the analogue board by a wire link.

OWL Stomp rev04 Schematic

All schematics and designs published under the GNU GPL. Firmware source code is available from our GitHub repository.