Windows drivers

The Owl can communicate with your Windows computer in two modes:

  • the standard mode (when you simply connect your Owl to the computer). The Owl should then appear as "Owl FS" in OwlNest Applications Settings.
  • the DFU mode, which can be manually triggered by holding down the LED pushbutton while plugging the Owl to your computer (Led then quickly flashes a few times). DFU stands for "Device Firmware Update" and is obviously the mode used to update the Owl Firmware.

Both modes (standard and DFU) can use different Windows drivers. Situation can arise when your Owl is recognized as "Owl FS" in OwlNest, but any attempt to update the firmware fails. In that case, we suggest to follow the procedure to update the driver for the DFU mode.

Updating the Owl Windows driver for Device Firmware Update (DFU) mode

Stuck with a message " could not find DFU device" when updating the Owl Firmware ? Try the steps below. This procedure was successfully tested on Windows 7 64bits with Zadig 2.1.0

  1. Unplug your Owl and close OwlNest
  2. Plug your Owl while holding down the Led pushbutton (Owl boots in DFU mode, the Led should blink briefly).
  3. Download the Zadig tool and launch it.
  4. In Zadig, click on "Options/List All Devices". Select the device called "STM32 Bootloader" in the dropdown menu, as seen on the screenshot below. This is your Owl chip!
  5. Select the WinUSB driver ( in the screenshot below)
  6. Click on the big square button called Replace driver or Reinstall Driver
  7. Wait for the procedure to be successful, then close Zadig.
  8. Unplug and re-plug your Owl, in standard mode this time (do not hold down the Led button).
  9. Launch OwlNest and launch a Firmware update procedure by using the menu "Tools/Download Firmware from Server". At the time of writing, the latest Firmware is Rev4-003.