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  1. New Tutorials including Max MSP on the OWL!

    We’ve been putting together lots of new tutorials.

    As you might’ve read, you can now get Cycling 74’s Max MSP software running on the OWL via Gen. Here’s an introduction:

    OWL Max Tutorial 1: Getting Started

    And here’s how to build a great-sounding stereo tape delay with a low pass filter:

    OWL Max Tutorial 2: Delay

    We’ve also made a tutorial showing you how to make a simple FM Synth in Pure Data. If you’ve not tried FM Synthesis yet, you should have a go:

    OWL Pure Data Tutorial 4: FM Synthesis

    We’re keeping the videos in a YouTube playlist. Get in touch to request new tutorial topics, and let us know if you’re using Max MSP / Gen on your OWL!

  2. OWL pedal, Spring and Guitar Pickup

    An awesome bit of experimentation by OWL pedal user Jóhannes Gunnar Þorsteinsson. Great for sound design and electro-acoustic music. NB: the video starts really quiet!


  3. OWL Modular DivKid Video

    Excellent video blogger and Eurorack connoisseur Ben Hex, aka DivKid, has made a brilliant video showcasing a whole bunch of OWL patches on the OWL Modular. Check it out!

  4. OWL Modular Demo Video

    We’ve put together a little demo video showcasing some OWL patches using the OWL Modular.

    The OWL Modular ships with our new v10 firmware, which includes 40 factory patches plus the ability to load any patch from our online library of more than 70. In the video we show how to change between factory patches as well as loading new patches.

  5. OWL Modular Announced

    Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s the OWL Modular! Coming to shops on 1 August 2015.

    The OWL Modular is our Eurorack version of the OpenWareLaboratory. Fully compatible with OWL Pedal patches, the Modular adds Control Voltage and trigger inputs and outputs, allowing you to modulate and sequence any parameter.

    OWL Modular

    Check out the teaser video below:

  6. OWL & Heavy – a Pd patch on the OWL

    Utilizing the Heavy online compiler to run a Pure Data patch on OWL hardware. To find out more about Heavy, visit Enzien Audio.

  7. OWL talk @SAE London

    The OWL team will give an extensive talk at London School of Audio Engineering (SAE Institute) on tuesday March 31st at 5.30pm.
    We will present the project, do demos, and talk about Open Source entrepeurship.
    And also give a preview of our new toolchain : online patch library, online compilation, dynamic patch loading. Yay !
    Free entrance, join in !

    SAE institute – 297 Kingsland Road, London E8 4DD.


  8. New firmware Release: Rev004.005

    We are happy to announce a new firmware release for the OWL, Rev004.005! Lots of new patches…
    The new release is available through OwlNest now, or you can download the binary from GitHub.

    It improves the quality of Delay patches, with a reworked Simple Delay Patch, and an additional Filtered Delay Patch.

    Also it includes a great collection of stereo patches by Oli Larkin (who recently released the Virtual CZ, check it out!). List below:
    – reworked DroneBox, now stereo
    – Dual Frequency Shifter
    – Stereo Frequency Shifter
    – Dual Pitch Shifter
    – XFM Synth
    – Blipper
    – ThruZeroFlanger

    We also started to port some effects from the ArtyFX Library, Bitta and Vidha.

    Also, Giulio Moro and Dave Moffat have contributed with some cool patches: OverOverDrive, ToneFilter, PlateVerb and Compressor.

    Let us know through the forums / twitter what you think of these new effects, and please share any audio / video / patches with us!

    We also hope you like the new website and patches page, there is still a lot coming in the new year…

    the OWL team

  9. Two OWLs and a 909

    What happens if you put two OWL pedals, a Roland TR-909 drum machine and one half of electronic duo Nummer together in a studio?
    Look no further than this video to find out!

  10. PJ Plays the OWL

    Our good friend and inspired guitar player PJ has made us a little video. He talks about the OWL, what he likes about the pedal, and what his favourite patches are.

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