OwlNest is a GUI application for setting up the pedal hardware and loading patches onto the OWL.


– Open OwlNest and click the ‘Application Settings’ tab

– Make sure OWL is selected as an active MIDI input and MIDI output in the settings on this page (this should happen by default). If this option is not available, check the USB connection to the pedal.

– Click the ‘Main’ tab and the ‘Load from OWL’ button. This reads the current settings from the pedal and updates the parameters in OWLNest

– Use the Slot A and Slot B drop-down menus to select effects from the OWL patches folder. These patches are automatically loaded into memory on the pedal.

– There are three default Input Sensitivity settings available in OwlNest; Low, Medium and High. These correspond to an input gain of 0dB, 3dB and 6dB respectively. To get an optimal sound quality, you should use the highest sensitivity before input clipping.


July 9 2014: Rev04.004b

The latest binaries and source code is now available on GitHub.

March 9 2014: Rev04.003

Mac OS X : OwlNest-rev04-003-mac.zip

Windows : OwlNest-rev04-003-win.zip

Linux :  OwlNest-rev04-003-linux32.zip

Older Binaries:

Mac OS X : OwlNest-osx.zip

Linux 32bit : OwlNest-linux.zip

Windows : OwlNest-win32.zip

Or get the source code from github and build it yourself!

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